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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Students passed online exams and grades/certificate are not showing in portal?

Please follow these steps below to retrieve the grades/certificate.

1. In the class roster, click directly on the student's name.
2. Then a new page will appear, please click on "retrieve grades from
test.com" button. This will generate the grade.
3. Click on "save" button at the bottom of the page.

  • How can I get more information or help? 

For all information and assistance, you can receive support from the IPC certification team by using the Help Desk as the email method has been phased out. The help desk can also be accessed through the Certification Portal by selecting the tab labeled Help Center Portal. *Note* you must create a login for the Help Desk in order for your inquiry to reach us successfully.

  • I don't see my certification details in My Summary. 

Please contact your trainer and ask if they’ve submitted the training report to IPC. The trainer has one week to do that and the certificate will show up under My Certification Summary within 24 hours after submission.
Please let us know if trainer submitted the report and you can't see any record after 24 hours.

  • My Summary has the incorrect certification number and/or expiration date.

Please contact your trainer/training center to verify your detailed certification information. 

  • I don’t want to receive a lot of emails at work or at my personal email address. That is why I haven’t provided my email.

IPC does not sell or distribute emails. If a user does not want to receive emails from IPC they may opt out by visiting the Communication Preferences under View IPC Profile.

  • Can I use my email address for my students?

No, an email address may only be used by a single user.

  • How do I export certification summaries?

Click on the MS Excel icon in the top right hand corner of the summary.

  • Can a CIS request an extension through the portal?

No. To ensure that extensions are granted within company guidelines, the CIS must request an extension from their trainer or any currently certified CIT/MIT in the same program. See below as shown in the 3.4 of the Professional Training and Certification Policy (.pdf). Trainers should use the CIS Extension Form.

Certified IPC Trainers are authorized to grant, at their discretion and in accordance with ISO or other certification guidelines and restrictions that may be in place at a company, a single extension of up to ninety (90) days to Certified IPC Specialist.

  • How much are the online exams and how to order?

Exams are paid for in advance. To order please contact Customer Service. Each order will be associated with an invoice number. That invoice number will automatically appear in the invoice drop-down when scheduling the class or on the Invoice Remaining tab.  The invoices can only be accessed using the FIFO (First in First out) method and will alert you if the wrong invoice is selected.

On Line Certification Exams: Effective January 1, 2017, a fee of $35.00 will be charged for all online certification exams. The fee includes any and all exams that will result in a certificate.  All mandatory and optional modules are included and can be taken anytime within the 2-year certification cycle. As part of this program students will be entitled to one free exam retake if they fail on the first try.  Additional exam retakes will be charged at $10 each.

On Line Print Exams: Due to increased cost of programing and maintenance of the online print exam program, effective January 1, 2017, the online print exam charge will be $50 per student. As part of this program as well, students will be entitled to one free exam retake. Additional exam retakes will be charged at $10 each. All optional modules are included and can be taken anytime within the 2-year certification cycle.

CQI-ONLINE-EXAM: For IPC Standards Online Exam (full-set) - $35.00

CQI-ONLINE-EXAM-FUNDS: For IPC Standards Online Exam Funds – we use his one when people wish to add a flat amount, any amount. 

CQI-ONLINE-EXAM-MOD: For IPC Standards Online Exam (single module) – this is only available for retakes we only allow two per students - $10.00

CQI-ONLINE-EXAM-PRN: For IPC Standards Online Exam (Online Print) - $50

IPC Customer Service
3000 Lakeside Drive, Suite 105 N
Bannockburn, IL 60015
1 847-597-2862 - Phone
1 847-615-7114 - Fax
Orderipc@ipc.org – Email

New Policy: CQI Invoice Expiration

In section 9 of the
Certification Policies and Procedures,  invoices will now expire one year from date of purchase. This policy went into effect as of January 1, 2017. Any invoice purchased on or after this date will expire one year from the purchase date. There will be no refund if funds are not used by the expiration date.

All account holders will be notified prior to the expiration date.

Please note, if you have a class scheduled against an invoice that is due to expire, it must be submitted, prior to the invoice expiration date.

  •      You can also purchase Certification Exam Credits through the IPC Online Store.

Please Note: You must be an IPC MIT/CIT or an approved buyer with rights from you company to purchase the online certification exam credits. All buyers will have to pre-register with IPC in order to purchase online certification exam credits.

  1. Any MIT/CIT can place an order. If someone other than a trainer is responsible for the placing orders (Buyer) for your site, IPC needs to update their record with the appropriate role so that they can make the purchase. This request can be made through the  certification help desk.
  2. Orders are address specific. The exams will only be available for the site that the purchaser is located at. Distributors and anyone purchasing for an address other than their own, need to purchase through our customer service department.
  3. IPC members can order with a PO or pay immediately using a credit card. Non-members can only place an order using a credit card
  4. Once an order is place, it will take up to 24 business hours for the funds to be available in the portal for use.
    • How to Order for online store
  5. You must sign in to the IPC online store (shop.ipc.org)
  6. Select the Training tab
  7. Select Training Resources then select Certification Exams
  8. There is only one product to choose from; $1 increment. Select the product you wish to purchase and enter the quantity desired.
  9. Finalize your order and pay for order
    •  How do I designate a purchasing person as a representative of a CIT to make the purchase of online exam credits?   

Any MIT/CIT can place an order. If someone other than a trainer is responsible for the placing orders (Buyer) for your site, IPC needs to update their record with the appropriate role so that they can make the purchase. This request can be made through the  certification help desk. Please include the Purchasing representative's: First Name, Last Name, Email address, Company, Phone number. The team at IPC will update the CIT's record to allow the designated pe